Dear Daughter,

You 0 have a loud voice.

You 1 dress modestly.

You 0 have a resting face.

You 1 cook for your man.

You 0 be too smart.

You 1 smile like a flower.

You 0 be greedy.

You 1 have maternal love.

You 0 be aggressive.

You 1 be perfect.

You 0 be blunt.

You 1 be careful of your behaviour.

You 0 sit with your legs wide open.

You 1 be beautiful to be respected.

You 0 be too muscular.

You 1 glow up yourself.

You 0 have a dark side.

You 1 be a sacrifice.

You 0 be rebellious.

You 1 stay positive.

You 0 get mad.

You 1 get married.

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